Recruitment: Vetting & Inspections Superintendent – China at RightShip


The Company

RightShip is the world’s biggest third party maritime due diligence organization, providing expertise in global safety, sustainability and social responsibility best practices.

We bring together years of industry expertise with the output from analytics and large data sets to provide our safety and environmental scoring systems, recommendations and consultancy services.

Using leading data and technology, we aim to set new benchmarks in environmental protection. We support global initiatives and action influencing practical and impactful change, enabling “win-win” for business and the environment.

To find out more visit https://rightship.com/

What we offer

We offer a place where you know you are contributing to an organisation that are constantly working to ensure ships are as safe as possible so that crew and cargo are protected. We are passionate about maritime efficiency, safety and sustainability practices. 

We offer generous rewards. Our base salary is competitive, we support employee wellbeing and provide our employees with a Healthy Living Allowance and our annual incentive scheme is exceptional We have some great talent who are happy to share their experience and skills to help you along the  way and we are committed to professional development to ensure that your career continues to  grow while you’re working with us.

What makes RightShip a great place to work at:

RightShip is an equal-opportunity employer, and we champion diversity. Our teams comprise of individuals from different geographies, cultures, religions, ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and generations. We believe that a diversity of experiences makes us stronger—as individuals, as communities and as an organization.

Don’t meet every single requirement of this role? Still apply!Research shows that women and underrepresented groups are less likely to apply unless they meet every requirement. At RightShip, we believe that the right hire is someone who makes an addition to our culture, rather than someone who fits in and conforms to our status quo. We are looking to add team members who not only value RightShip standards and workplace culture but also bring an aspect of diversity that positively contributes to our work environment. If you are excited about this role or about our company in general, we would love to hear from you!

Job Overview

Job Title: Vetting & Inspections Superintendent, China

Employment Type: Permanent Full Time

Location: China

Reporting to the Head of Inspections, Australia,the Vetting & Inspections Superintendent will be responsible for managing the quality of an effective and efficient vessels’ screening system to service the requirements of our customers. 

Major Responsibilities:


●As a member of the Inspections team, assist in the development and delivery of all inspections products. 

●Ensure that inspections of vessels ordered by the owners/managers of vessels are undertaken in a timely manner, reviewed, and finalised in accordance with guidelines.  

●Provide feedback on the quality of inspection companies.   

●Assist with the investigation of any complaints received.   

●Recommend changes to procedures to ensure Inspections integrate with the broader vetting function.   

●Assess the quality of inspections and provide feedback about an inspector’s performance.   

●Conduct assessment of DOC Holders to determine their conformance with relevant standards and their suitability for use by RightShip customers.    


●Perform vetting activities of barges and other type of vessels as per agreed RightShip’s and/or individual customer’s criteria. 

●Conduct assessment of DOC Holders to determine their conformance with relevant standards and their suitability for use by RightShip customers. 

●Carry out PSC / INC reviews as required.

●Provide support to RightShip customers on their marine activities as requested. 

●Conduct review and assessment of Port State Control Inspection reports, Incident investigation reports and Customer Feedback reports.

●Contribute to update RightShip Vetting platform using pro-active reporting from shipowners, RightShip customers and other identified sources.

●Provide feedback / advice to the regional manager to identify the changes in rules / regulations in maritime to ensure readiness / compliance and development of RightShip standards and practices.

●Provide support to respond to queries about RightShip activities (i.e. vetting, risk rating, GHG rating, Inspections, etc).

●Ensure that all correspondence with external parties and provided documentation is properly maintained and archived as per company procedures. 

Qualifications, Skills and Experience  

●Master Mariner or Chief Engineer and have sailed in a senior capacity (Master/Chief Engineer/Mate) on International Trading Dry Carriers and Tankers for at least 3-5 years sea time. 

●Shore based employment in a management capacity directly involved with the day to day technical and/or cargo operations of crude oil/petroleum product tankers.  This could include service as Petroleum Terminal Superintendent responsible for loading and discharging ships, Tanker Cargo Expeditors and Classification Society Surveyors with demonstrable tanker operations knowledge.  

●Preferably have sat and passed the OCIMF/SIRE examination for  tankers/gas/chemical inspections. 

●Practical knowledge of ship construction, ship structures, ship machinery, ship repairing, ships’ operations, Chartering and Quality Management System. Including the ISM Code and safety Management Systems. 

●A thorough understanding of ship surveys and certification including PSC, USCG, Flag State Surveys. 

●A good understanding of International Legislation relevant to shipping (relevant IMO and ILO regulations) and the Industry Practices and ISM Code, STCW. 

●A thorough understanding of vessel operations including current Mandatory requirements (ISM Code), Industry Standards, & recommended best practices (such as put out by ICS, etc.).

RightShip is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity, enables access and promotes inclusion in our workplace. To apply for this job, you must have the right to live and work in this location.

Contact Us

If you would like to apply for this job, please submit an application here! https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/rightship

Please contact talentacquisition@rightship.com if you have any questions about your application.

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