Driving Sustainable Energy Transition with Government Collaboration

Driving Sustainable Energy Transition with Government Collaboration

· Co-hosted by EGAT and PTT, Future Energy Asia Exhibition & Summit taking place from 15-17 May 2024 in Bangkok, aims to lead the sustainable energy transformation in Asia amidst rapid industrialisation and urbanisation
· The conference is planned to address themes impacting the future of Asia’s energy landscape, including transitioning Asia towards carbon neutrality, utilising gas as a transition fuel, harnessing hydrogen, ammonia and alternative fuels, and financing renewable energy development
· Thai government entities and global associations to engage in critical dialogue impacting regional energy policy - Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, National Energy Technology Center (ENTEC), Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand, Ministry of Natural Resources ·and Environment (MNRE), Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau and the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA)
· The exhibition acts as a hub for renewable energy innovation and investment, with support from energy majors - PTT, ABB, Bapco Energies, Black & Veatch, Cheniere, Emerson, Schneider and more

Scheduled for 15-17 May 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand, Future Energy Asia will address the urgent need to drive investments and collaborations for tripling renewable energy capacity, accelerating low-emission technologies, and doubling the rate of energy efficiency.
Endorsement from Thailand's key governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, National Energy Technology Center (ENTEC), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand, and the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, underscores the event's critical role in aligning industry advancements with sustainable energy policies.
With its extensive content program featuring over 300 sessions and 2,500 conference delegates, Future Energy Asia will be the breeding ground for the strategies and solutions needed to navigate the energy transition in Asia.
The conference programme will focus on key themes including the strategic role of natural gas and LNG as transition fuels, supported by carbon capture and methane reduction efforts; the push towards alternative fuels like hydrogen, demanding significant government and industry investment; the surge in renewable energy development, requiring innovative solutions for integration and regulatory challenges; the importance of enhancing ASEAN's power grid for improved sustainability and connectivity; and the pivotal role of digitalisation in managing complex energy systems.
More than 600 policy makers, industry leaders and academia will speak at the event to share insights across multiple stages, including notable figures like Somruedee Chaimongkol (CEO of Banpu), Dr Harald Link (Chairman, B. Grimm), Darmawan Prasodjo (President Director, PT PLN), and Dato' Ir. Ts. Abdul Razib bin Dawood (CEO, Energy Commission, Malaysia).
Dr Harald Link, Chairman, B. Grimm

Darmawan Prasodjo, President Director, PT PLN

Dato' Ir. Ts. Abdul Razib bin Dawood, CEO, Energy Commission, Malaysia

"Events like Future Energy Asia are critical for sharing knowledge, strategies, and innovations that will drive our region's energy transition," stated Somruedee Chaimongkol, CEO of Banpu. "It's an opportunity to redefine how we think about and use energy. It's about building a collective future that prioritises innovation, resilience, and sustainability."
Somruedee Chaimongkol, CEO, Banpu
Attended by over 22,000 professionals and featuring more than 350 exhibiting companies, Future Energy Asia Exhibition along with co-located events will act as a catalyst for innovation and investment in renewable energy and efficient systems. The showcase will present latest products, solutions and innovations driving forward Asia’s energy transition, from industry leaders such as PTT, ABB, Bapco Energies, Black & Veatch, Cheniere, Emerson and Schneider.
“By supporting Future Energy Asia, we're investing in a future where energy is not only accessible but also efficient and sustainable for all," shared by Mr. Auttapol Rerkpiboon, President and CEO, PTT. "It's about building a collective future that prioritises innovation, resilience, and sustainability."
Auttapol Rerkpiboon, President and CEO, PTT
"The collaboration and dialogue facilitated by Future Energy Asia are indispensable for bringing the industry together in tackling it’s decarbonisation goals," said Narsingh Chaudhary, President, Asia Pacific & India, from Black & Veatch. "It's truly a great venue to have deep discussions on industry challenges and share innovative global solutions that we bring to the region."
Narsingh Chaudhary, President, Asia Pacific & India, Black & Veatch
Christopher Hudson, President, dmg events, said: "It is critical that we urgently address the increasing energy demand by growing economies in Asia while aligning with climate objectives. A synergistic approach between the government and the private sector is essential for propelling Thailand and the wider region towards a sustainable energy future. Events such as Future Energy Asia offer a platform to forge transformative collaborations and develop groundbreaking solutions to shape the future of the industry.”
Christopher Hudson, President, dmg events
Taking place alongside the event, and in strategic partnership with Future Energy Asia, the world’s leading energy authorities will gather at the Energy Regulators Forum (ERF) to discuss the complexities of the trilemma of security, affordability, and sustainability in the energy sector, and the urgent need for effective and adaptable regulatory policies.
Held annually by the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA), the 21st edition of ERF will take place for the first time in Asia, uniting global regulators, visionary investors, system operators, top-tier consultants, and academics in high-level dialogue that will significantly impact the future of the energy market.
Also co-located with Future Energy Asia, Future Mobility Asia Exhibition and Summit is uniquely positioned to act as a bridge between innovators in the mobility sector and representatives from across the global energy value chain. Future Mobility Asia creates an inclusive environment that seeks to drive cross-sector collaboration, sparking the innovation needed to accelerate Asia’s mobility transition.


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